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The Man Behind 'HairGrounds Live'

Simon Butcher

Social Butterfly, Barber legend in the making, All round nice guy. Paving the way for others.


The First Time

As many of you know we recently got the well-known, social Butterfly, Barber legend in the making, Simon Butcher on to the Onesociety Team as an ambassador. We first met Simon face-to-face at Modern Barber on the 10th of July in Brighton. There's nothing like meeting someone for the first time, getting to know them and really enjoying being around such a lovely bubbly personality.

What's Modern Barber?

Here's a little end-of-article statement we ripped from their website that sums it up pretty well. Times may be challenging, but coming together to share ideas and inspirations will give you a boost in your skills as well as your confidence. The Modern Barber team will be there all day so come and say hello! So that's exactly what everybody did, and we loved it.

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Hairgrounds Live With Simon Butcher.

With over 30 episodes under his belt, Simon has taken on the task of getting to know the barber industry experts, in a relaxed chilled environment within the form of Instagram live videos, meaning both parties can feel truly at home while literally being at home, enabling freedom of speech and comfortability. Free speech is not only about your ability to speak but the ability to listen to others and allow other views to be heard.

Simon gets them to give a quick overview of who they are at the start of the live discussion, allowing the viewers to get connected and tuned in to who they are watching.

The interviews tend to be a loose and open chat, allowing the interviewees to express themselves, shining a light on their past, personal and professional endeavours. Gaining insight which in turn, allows the audience to relate, learn and adapt to the interviewee and their experiences.

A man on a mission

to bring us together

''Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.''

Interviewing The Interviewer.

We asked Simon three Questions.

What got you into barbering?

Simon - 'I got into hairdressing straight from school and after working as a stylist found my natural passion was for shorter styles plus I became obsessed with all of the Barbering equipment that was available in the US. It seemed a natural progression…'

Do you think there's anything that needs to change in the industry?

Simon - 'I guess Social Media has become such a huge part of the industry that it's easy to get distracted from the day-to-day reason we do this job, which is to cut our loyal paying clients in the shop. Too many Barbers including myself care way too much about attracting attention and approval from other Barbers who ultimately do not pay your bills.'

What makes you want to do your live videos 'hairgrounds’?

Simon - 'I love being a Barber because I love working with people and developing a relationship with my clients. Finding out about their jobs, interests, and family is super interesting to me! After getting covid last year I was out of the shop for a few weeks and during that time I really missed the human interaction. After spending way too much time on IG I decided to do a live with a friend as a way to find out more about them, but also make it interactive with people watching. I really enjoyed it so started to do it more often. I’ve done over 30 episodes now and I still enjoy it as much as when I first started. I guess all the time I’m having fun I’ll keep It up lol! The goal is ultimately to transition the series into a podcast format so people are able to listen to the content as well as watching.'

Big Names

Sean Ralston & Luke James Dolan

Master Barbers, Shop Owners, Brand Directors, Event Creators, Industry Educators. Big & Small, Simon Interviews All!

Brand Ambassadors

The Tin Can Boys

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Here at Onesociety, we like to live by our name. We want to be a company that welcomes people of all walks of life, it doesn't matter who you are! Our personal goal is to create a happy and safe space free from negative vibes. That is the case for not only for the great employees at Onesociety but also how we create our fantastic products. We want you to feel good and look good, establishing a good personal care routine can be of huge benefit to you and your outlook on life.