Why Is My Balm/ Butter Gritty?

If the temperature exceeds 32c the shea starts to separate from the other ingredients, thus upon cooling, will stay separated, causing the gritty consistency. This does not change the effect of the butter or balm, only the consistency. It can happen even when shipped from our warehouse directly. If you are able to melt it back down completely and let it re-solidify in your freezer overnight, that should solve the issue.

Will your products make my beard grow faster?

While our product will not increase the rate at which your facial hair grows, they do contain several all-natural ingredients that help condition and promote HEALTHIER growth- which means less breakage and split ends that will result in your facial hair appearing longer and fuller.

How do I store the products correctly?

Extended contact with air will decrease the life of your oil significantly, therefore you should ensure that the lid is firmly attached to minimise oxidisation. The oil should be stored in a cool, dark place away from direct sunlight.

Are your products ethical?

We constantly strive to be as ethical and as sustainable as possible. If current practises can be improved, we’ll find a way to do it. We always aim to trade directly with growers and farmers where we can and support suppliers who promote community trade and provide benefits within the communities that they work with. We would never trade with unethical suppliers. We have always been against animal testing. This means that all our products and ingredients are 100% cruelty free.



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