The Tin Can Boys

Welcome To The Tin Can

A fresh take on barbering with Brighton’s first & only sustainable shipping container barbershop

Born out of mutual respect for cutting hair and conservation. A place where no one should feel uncomfortable and discrimination is left at the door. Step into our safe zone, we are here to make you look and feel your best

Our ethos is centered around sustainability and preserving the environment. With a commitment to getting ourselves as close to zero waste as possible.
So not only are you getting a sweet ass cut, but you are protecting the planet at the same time.

the tin can barbers Brighton onesociety one society

Welcome To...

The Tin Can



Imagine being in the year 2030, the earth is burning, there's nobody left on the surface, and the rich populate Mars along with their underground bunkers. Where are the likes of you and me? Long gone. These guys are making sure that the future we just spoke about doesn't happen. Cool right?

the tin can barbers Brighton onesociety one society

Customer Review

Carl - 'Best barbers in Brighton. Totally recommended for excellent music, easy vibes and the sharpest cuts.'

There's More

Saving the ocean!?

Did you know that none of the hair they cut off is thrown away? Anything under 2 inches long is composted and everything else gets sent off and used to manufacture sustainable oil spill recovery mats!


Of hair donated to make hair mats. Yes, they pay out of their own pockets to send it out!


Used for composting. Lots of birds use hair to build nests for their eggs.

On a mission

to bring us together

''Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.''

Meet The Team

Ally & Dan

Ally and Dan have a combined experience of 25 years working in the hair industry meaning no matter what your style, they’ve got it covered! Mullets, mod cuts, skinheads and skin fades. From consultation to cut, you can be confident that you will walk away looking and feeling your absolute best.

First Of Its Kind

Showing the rest of us how its done, the RIGHT way.

Inside The Shop

Dan Hall ally papworth the tin can barbers onesociety one society Brighton
Dan Hall ally papworth the tin can barbers onesociety one society Brighton
Dan Hall ally papworth the tin can barbers onesociety one society Brighton
Dan Hall ally papworth the tin can barbers onesociety one society Brighton

Getting to know the boys...

We got the lads together for a short interview where we asked some prime-time questions to help you understand who they are and what they are about.

Why barbering?

Ally - 'From the moment I started cutting hair, having my shop has always been the end game. I don’t really like being told what to do; therefore, being my own boss was the only option. I’ve crawled up from the bottom and along the way I’ve made a true brother in Dan who shared the same vision as I do regarding what we want from a barbershop. Now I feel we can proudly say we’ve created an interesting yet functional space that fits our collective ethos.'

Dan - 'After 18 years in the industry I felt it was the only real way up from what I'd previously achieved, setting your own standards, ethos and goals for no one other than yourself, and achieving them feels pretty damn good, getting out of bed in the morning and know you're going to work for you, there's no greater feeling.'

How is Tin Can Different?

Ally - 'The Tin Can Barbers' is a fully sustainable barbershop located in a shipping container off London Road in Brighton. It’s the first and only one of its kind in Brighton, and to our knowledge the UK too. Almost every bit of furniture and most of the fixtures and fittings have been in some way repurposed allowing us to create a welcoming space at a low cost to the environment as well as ourselves.
Additionally, we recycle ALL of our hair. The hair over two inches long gets sent off to the Green Wave Project in Devon to be made into mats and booms to collect oil spills in the sea. I also believe we are the first barbershop in the country to compost our own hair and we do this with all hair under two inches as this cannot be used to make anything. The compost has been made using recycled pallets and sits on the roof outside our container.
We also have a shit tonne of whiskey and love to share a drink.'

Dan - 'Firstly we go with the obvious, it's a shipping container!, secondly we'll go one better it's the only fully sustainable shipping container barber shop in Brighton, oh and also the U.K!!,
from recycling the hair with green salon collective, making sure our energy is sourced from an eco company and ensuring all our products are cruelty-free and fully sustainable
these are some of the things that make the Tin Can Barbers different.'

What's your plans for the future?

Ally - 'To be honest I think the only option is more tin cans…we really feel like this is something we could take to other locations and spread the idea of sustainability whilst handing out whiskey and banging cuts in a fully inclusive and none discriminatory environment.'

Dan - 'we have great plans for the future with the tin can barbers, we'd like to do the obvious and expand having other tin cans for others to run as their own ship, making an affordable, inclusive, neutral grounds to work from. but who knows, me and Ally come up with new exciting ideas for the business all the time.'

Is it hard to get down time?

Ally - 'What’s downtime?
In all seriousness, there is always something that needs doing so I try to organise myself to get things done on specific days. I also try my best to turn my phone off on at least one of my days off to unwind. It’s tough, but we love the process and have always been believers in working hard and playing hard. It’s a never-ending balancing act!'

Dan - 'The real reality of it is, there isn't any!..., especially from the very start, you have to be everywhere and on everything, otherwise it ain't getting done. I have two kids so being efficient with time is key, making sure the week ahead is organised, is easier said than done, most of the time it's rolling with the punches and hoping all your time & energy has been spent the right way, with fingers and toes crossed that the customers will turn up, love it and return for more.'

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Here at Onesociety, we like to live by our name. We want to be a company that welcomes people of all walks of life, it doesn't matter who you are! Our personal goal is to create a happy and safe space free from negative vibes. That is the case for not only for the great employees at Onesociety but also how we create our fantastic products. We want you to feel good and look good, establishing a good personal care routine can be of huge benefit to you and your outlook on life.