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Quality oil with a distinct fragrance

I bought the lumberjack oil and am absolutely pleased with it. The oil is very high quality and makes my beard feel soft, full, and smells great. The lumberjack name is quite apt as the fragrance is mostly like pine; as if you've just come back from chopping trees!

Only reason for 4/5 stars is the fragrance lasts little over an hour. As this is the only variant I bought, I'm not sure how long it usually lasts but just over an hour isn't great. Especially as I get a lot of compliments for the smell!

Definitely wanting to try the other scents next. Thank you Onesociety!

Northern monkeys oil

Smells lush had loads of people say that smells nice what’s that will be buying it again for shore

Lumberjack kit

Smell amazing beard feels soft for hours will definitely be buying this kit again very very pleased with it

Well worth it!

This was the fourth beard oil I’ve tried and was really impressed! Just a little helps keep my beard less frizzy and soft. I thought the citrus would be too overpowering but it is subtle and smells great. Good price to.


Great cover and consistency with a scent that I love. Ive had this, the Northern Monkey and the Bachelor. Each oil is spot on. No too greasy and leaves the beard soft and conditioned. Try some!

Balm Review

Top quality, amazing value for money, i live in Portsmouth UK, and for £12 you get a 75ml tin of balm with free delivery!
The smell is out of this world, and the design on the label top sides and bottom is just nice to see a company putting the effort in!
Well done onesociety!


I got this through the post the other day and have been using it for 2 days now, very hard to get out of the tin , but i used my fingernail, once it was out i then played with it a bit which made it more applicable for my moustache, the hole is very nice , although though, i like this, after all, it is called strong hold wax.
Good stuff

Really love this beard oil make my beard feel great and love the smell loads of comments on the smell of it really would recommend these products to any 👍👍

Excellent moisture

Great product. Makes my beard moist. Will buy again when the bottle runs out.

Amazing beard products !

Didn't know what to offer to my hairy family members. Since I discovered Corie's products, they smell better, they look nicer and I love them better ! Hehe Really nice products with super nice scents ! Everything is natural and handmade, really happy that i had discovered this brand

Top Quality Beard Oil

I’m not going to waffle on about the notes and aroma and all that pretentious B/S.... All I’ll say is I’ve tried loads of oils and this Lumberjack oil (And Balm) is by far my favourite.

Very good product, my favorit.
Good sentence


Nice hold not to sticky
Peng smell
Great product

The best oil

Been a big bearded man for over 5 years and out of the products of used this is up there with the best, better than the £40-50 a bottle stuff. Smells great, but not to strong and irritant to the skin. Keeps your beard soft and silky all day long. 100% recommend.

Just perfect

This product deserves more attention. This is my third brand of beard oil and it is by far the best. My beard feels softer already and I have only just started using it. There are less stray hairs awkwardly sticking out. I would recommend!

The great outdoors

Totally happy with this oil from the moment I opened it and treated my beard the smells are wonderful it gets a big thumbs up from me, looking forward to trying the rest of your products 👍


I’ve purchased this oil just off the cuff and it’s turned out so absolutely perfect. I’m now an ambassador for this company. Keeps my beard so soft and moisturised .

Outlaw Style

Beard Oil Review. Outlaw blend by @onesocietyshop Really impressed from the get go with Outlaw, as I applied, it sank into the facial hair quickly, avoiding the shiny beard look. It makes the beard a little easier to style and fights of the dreaded dry skin. The scent is arguably the greatest part, light and not too overpowering with a subtle hint of rum, a plus for all pirates.

Great Scent

After trying the range of One Society Beards oils this has to be one of my favorite the aroma is lasting and tantalises the nasal receptors and gives the beard a natural shine. Can’t wait to buy more

Fantastic smell

First time bought a product from them, the oils smelled incredible. Very satisfied, so is my girlfriend

Smells Amazing

From the moment i opened the box, i knew it was going to be a cool product, the label alone sold it for me, and then the smell, wow smells so good, like sweets from the old sweet shop on the corner of my road, takes me back