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Callum Butler

'Relatable, understanding & hard-working'


Great British Barber Bash

Working as an educator with the bash, he has shown the world his quality skills. Helping young and old to learn the skill that is hairdressing. Patience is at the centre of educating, with the wide contrast of different personalities trying to learn, it's important to stay cool, calm and collected. A great quality that Callum seems to have mastered over the years.

Why Callum

A relatable personality is hard to come across, Callum has been through his fair share of experiences in life. But has come out a better man, lifting himself up and following his passion for hairdressing. Helping others to see that dreams don't have to stay as dreams, they can become reality.

Callum Butler onesociety one society mens grooming products brand ambassador The great british barber bashcool hair style

Future Plans

In my opinion, education is the single most important key to prosperity and a better future. By celebrating this important event today, it will hopefully grasp more attention with the ultimate goal to make education accessible to everyone on this planet.”

Pushing us foward

For a better future

“Helping others to better themselves, always.”

What does the future hold for Callum?

At the moment the future me is looking good! I have a plan on opening up my own shop… in the very near future.
I will be continuing to work at shows & hold education days and workshops.
But for me personally, in the future, I plan to continue working on myself & improving not only my craft but myself as a person, to be the best version of myself.

Why do you love barbering?

I fell in the love with the industry at an early age after being kicked out of school and forced into getting a Job at a local hairdressers, sweeping the floors & washing hair. When I turned 16 I was given a choice by the salon. They offered me an apprenticeship & that was it for me, I fell in love with everything barbering, It's my passion, my lifeline, it's who I am!

I just love everything about being able to truly express myself as a person through my work, clothing and speech.  I don’t need to hide who I am when I'm at work, people accept me for who I am.
Being a barber gives me joy each day, being able to change someone's mood and put a spring in their step when they leave the shop is so satisfying. I also really enjoy the social aspect of the job, you get to meet all kinds of lovely people and travel.

What made you want to join our team?

I first came across the company through social media, and through some back & forth messages, I got to know Corie and what he and his team are about, it felt very close to home, the sense of self-belief, hard work and helping each other really is what I'm about. And to know he came from a similar upbringing means he really gets how hard it is to struggle in life, and how important it is to work hard and treat people with respect.

I really loved the products when I got the chance to try them out, the style, quality and thought behind each and every product is great to see. I just knew I wanted to be involved with helping this brand thrive. I truly believe that this brand will be the next big name in the hair industry.

What are you doing that's really making a difference in the world?

I like to look at who I am, I have had a hard life to get to where I am now. Being able to relate to people in the community or around the world is what I love. From my experiences, I'm able to see where they're coming from. Not being able to fit in, and not being able to express your feelings properly can be hard to get your head around, so I'm happy to say I'm able to offer help to those who need it. And to give them encouragement to continue working hard for their dreams no matter what, and don't give up.

When anyone gets into my chair, I give them my full attention, if they want to vent, I let them vent. With my experience, it's always nice to be able to give advice on the subject at hand and let them hear what helped me.

So I guess what I am doing to make a difference in the world, is being myself, learning from my downfalls, and experiences, and helping others to better themselves, always.



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