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Bringing a young and ambitious barber fresh out of Hastings and injecting him into the onesociety team, Shining a light into the up-and-coming talent within the barber world, Alfie is not only a great barber but also a friendly face, and a breath of fresh air in the community, with his humor, easy to talk to personality and desire to achieve!

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Alfie Miller

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Working from Goodmans Barbers , well known across the UK. The shop has a real social dynamic where they regularly hold events and collaborate with other independent traders from the area. Whether it’s traditional or modern barbering they have you covered.

About Alfie

From the age of 15, Alfie has been perfecting his skills while always looking to develop not only the latest hair-cutting techniques but also his communication skills, when it comes to working on a client's hair, listening and being nice and in some cases offering key advice is one of the most important things a barber can do.

There are not many places men are happy to talk about their problems, but Alfie wants to be ready and willing to spark up that conversation that will help his client offload. As the saying goes, a problem shared is a problem halved.

Helping The Community

From The Inside Out

''As long as people are walking out with a smile on their faces and feeling fresh I’ve done my job I think.'' We asked Alfie a few questions, continue reading below.


I’ve not really thought about the future too much. I would love to have my own barber shop somewhere in Hastings but for now, I really love working with Goodman's and all the boys that are in the team. They all have such a passion for barbering which I love, so I guess if I was looking into the future I would really love to do barbering shows, and maybe education. Mr Goodman himself used to hold some really cool events at our shop so more of them would be really sick. (Ben that’s a hint mate). I would also say for the future for myself is to improve my barbering skills as much as I can, as at the moment I’m really starting to understand hair as I’ve never before. It’s a really fun and exciting time for me.


There are way too many reasons why I love barbering but to summarise, there are no boundaries on how far and creative you can take a career in the barbering industry. I fell in love with barbering when I was 14 years old I got a Saturday job in an old school shop and from the first hour, I loved the vibe and the people and being in a barbershop environment. I think because of the barbershops I’ve worked in I’ve managed to really find out who I am, personality-wise, style-wise and creativity-wise.
Ben, The owner of Goodman's, took me on when I was 15 years old and has really supported my career and me as a person, I couldn’t ask for it better, I’ve got a boss who is one of my best mates.

I love all the lads I work with, it really makes the work environment so enjoyable to be in. So, I’d definitely have to say the reason why I love this game so much is because of everyone I have met on my journey so far.

Why Onesociety?

I wanted to join Onesociety team because I love what they were doing with a local shop just down the road from me, making Instagram posts and promoting myself isn’t one of my strongest points but the boys and girls at Onesociety are really helping me with that. I’ve spent a couple of days so far up at the HQ withSimon Hairgroundsand theTin can boys, we always have the funniest days together. The team Onesociety is building is an incredible group of people and I’m loving being part of that. Also, the products they have sent me have been unreal so far my customers have loved using them as have I. I really look forward to all we are going to do over the coming years. I'm really excited to be pushing their products and the brand that I love, they have some big things coming from December 2022 that include there first hair styling products!


Really tough question I wouldn’t have a clue what I’m doing to make a difference in the world, but I’d like to think I have made a difference to people whether that being the haircut or the chat we have had to make someone feel good about themselves or made someone’s week a little less hard or given them some advice, anything like that. As long as people are walking out with a smile on their faces and feeling fresh I’ve done my job I think.

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Selected for his passion in the barber world, years of top-level experience, and styling master Kyle is quick to show off his skills by grooving up the welsh population with next-level inventive haircuts. A true mastermind. A true pioneer.

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Here at Onesociety, we like to live by our name. We want to be a company that welcomes people of all walks of life, it doesn't matter who you are! Our personal goal is to create a happy and safe space free from negative vibes. That is the case for not only for the great employees at Onesociety but also how we create our fantastic products. We want you to feel good and look good, establishing a good personal care routine can be of huge benefit to you and your outlook on life.