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Sick of not finding a good barber? Always leaving thinking you have wasted your time, and now you're not sure if your bird will like you anymore with such a bad haircut? Let's get you a new one.


All our Official One Society Ambassadors in Northern Ireland are carefully chosen based on their exceptional barber skills, as well as their positive mindset and contributions to the local community. You can easily locate a nearby barber who not only offers top-notch services but also stocks products from our esteemed society.

Cardigan | SA43 1BZ

Kyle Rowland - Faded Barbershop '
Impeccable scissor skills, Unmatched attention to detail' Years of top-level experience, and styling master.

Kyle Rowland

Cwmbran | NP44 1DY

Luca Natale - Vince, Joe & Son Barbers
Lucas's Passion for barbering has driven him to success in a growing client base, pushing a positive outlook in life.

Luca Natale

Swansea | Sa4 8ra

Daz Lloyd - ShapeUpBarbers
'Wales Barber of the Year 2023' Men's Mental Health Advocate.
#ShapeUp-SpeakUp. Approachable & Friendly.

Daz Loyd


ShapeUpBarbers - #ShapeUp-SpeakUp
Swanseas Finest Barbershop, and Wales Barber of the Year Daz Lloyd's Shop. Shaping up Swansea.

ShapeUp Barbers

Barry | CF62 5BE

Jordan Lapton - The Hairy Barber
'I started my Barbering journey a little over 8 years ago. I have spent the last 7 years refining my craft'.

Jordan Lapton

Barry | CF62 5BE

The Hairy Barber - Goodsheds
Located in the shipping container jungle that is 'Goodsheds' Delivering Quality haircuts throughout Barry.

The Hairy Barber