What's In The Pipeline?

Onesociety Rockwood barbers team work

2022 is going to be a big year for the Onesociety team. From new products to looking for new employees, here's some of what's to come...

Our year to date has been recovering from the Christmas rush, getting new head shots done for the team, video shoot days in the shop, stocking some absolutely killer local barbershops with our products and much more.

Christmas 2021 was like no other for us at OS, we really are grateful for all our wonderful customers who stuck with us through thick and thin. Sharing our brand with your friends, family and even strangers. Doing this has enabled us to grow as a company, allowing us to compete with some of the bigger fish in the men's grooming world.

We plan on developing some really incredible products this year, here's just a few.

hemp cream

New Products & Product Updates.

Huntsman - Some of you absolutely love our 'huntsman' range of beard products, but unfortunately the huntsman range has been the least sold variety for some time. Here are a few things we are updating with 'Huntsman' and we hope these changes will boost your interest in them. Firstly we have taken away the sandal wood and rose essential oils & replaced them with a nose tingling Lemongrass AKA Cymbopogon Flexuosus Oil. This incredible smell is a killer for all you overnight fishermen & Hunters out there, with it being a natural insect repellent, with its potency lasting way over 12 hours!

Combining with the scent upgrade, we have decided to revamp the label. Giving this outdated range a new lease of life. Huntsman's rework will be released in spring this year (2022).

Paradise - Our summer best seller, Caribbean berry and melon will be keeping its scent. However the artwork will be redesigned as we feel the style and layout of the current design does not fit in well with the other variants we have to offer. Paradise rework will be released in spring this year (2022).

Onesociety Egyptian Cotton Towel - Yes that's right, we have our own onesociety gym towel out now. Our Soft & Absorbent Onesociety Towel. Crafted from a sumptuous Egyptian cotton pile, this luxuriously thick Towel features extra-long Egyptian cotton fibres for enhanced absorbency, durability and natural softness.

Onesociety towel

Muscle rub - This has been a product we have been developing for some time now. Perfecting the formula, making sure the product not only smells, feels and looks good, but most importantly does its job. With a Hemp seed oil & shea butter base, and a whole load of vitamins and fatty acids, this muscle rub has the potential to become a UK number 1 when released in the summer of 2022.

muscle rub

Creams & Lotions - We are always looking for new and exciting products to release. As the onesociety brand grows, so does the range of products we manufacture. Starting with only beard products back in 2014, we now have a selection of skin, shower & shave care products. Beard & shower care now looking bountiful in the shop, we noticed the skin care range is lacking, thus we are happy to be able to announce we are developing 3 new, 100% natural, vegan friendly, creams and lotions to be added to our skin care catalogue, to be released in the summer of 2022!

Video Shoot Day.

Booking way in advance a day shoot with the very talented @heyjoshgrant . We slowly got the team together, giving the shop some well deserved TLC over the period of a few weeks. Fast approaching shoot day, it hits us, we needed models, but where and who could we get to do such a task at such short notice?

filming onesociety
Over the past couple of months we have been working closely with a few magnificent local barber shops, one in particular being Rockwood Barbers.

The Rockwood boys were kind enough to book up 2 hours of there very tight schedule to help us on filming day at Onesociety HQ. They quickly adapted to the situation. From barbers, to pro stand-in models taking it in there stride. They performed better than leonardo dicaprio in the Oscar winning 'revenant'. What more could we possibly ask for. Blasting off there modelling carer.


Rockwood Barbers.

Steve and Alex from Rockwood run a very tight ship, making them the most sort after barbers in the whole of Hastings & Bexhill areas.

Before entering the barbering world, Steve AKA the head honcho at Rockwood, served 6 years in the Armed Forces. After leaving he pursued his passion for hair cutting and opened Rockwood in 2018. Steve is a highly skilled barber and hair dresser, having trained at Salons across London. Steve is a master skin-fader and precision beard creator.
"Our cutting philosophy stems from the consultation. There is no such thing as can’t do, won’t do or don’t do within our cutting philosophy. They say the customer is always right...and we say the stylist is right behind them and on hand to deliver their expert advice both professionally and technically"

2022 has started off big for Onesociety & Rockwood Barbers relationship with them becoming our prime stockist in the southeast. With special collaborations in the wood works.

Rockwood barbers

We Are Hiring!

If your local to the Hastings area, we are currently looking for a shop floor salesperson, 9am - 5pm with above average hourly pay. Contact us for more info.