What is the best bar of soap to use?

What is the best bar of soap to use?

Summer, where are you hiding?

I'm not sure if you have all noticed recently but we have been getting a lot of grey clouds and rain. I myself can't stand grey skies, it really seems to affect my mood, not that I'm miserable sod, but it definitely makes life a little less enjoyable.

Getting happy about the little things.

Recently me and a team member have started up a gym membership, we have been hitting the weights 4 days a week for 2 weeks now during these miserable grey days. I must say it's really picked up my mood. It's nice having a little something to look forward to each day, be it just going for a nice run on the treadmill or maxing out the gun show on the 5kg dumbbells.

So do we use the gym shower after our work out? Heck yeah we do! And we love it! Most people think we would only go for our own products, but let me tell you, we have found something that you all are going to love!


Introducing… Bare-Bar

As many of you know and use by now, we have a shower set out. 2 beard shampoos, a tea tree shampoo and a conditioner, these are incredible products made from the highest quality ingredients that we sell at a bargain of a price. Trust me we should be selling them for more, I'm not sure why we don't, we do love you a bit too much!

This is all well and good for your head to get nice and clean and smelling great… But what about my body ? I'm glad you asked good sir. That's where Bare-Bar comes into the equation, using an age old soap making technique called ‘cold process’ it takes these guys 6 whole weeks for their beautiful creations to cure, after all perfection takes time… But don't you worry, they always have plenty on hand for you to order and get your goods the same week! After all, I'm sure you wouldn't want to watch soap cure.

minty soap bar

What's this ? A bar of soap, isn't that old fashioned?

Yes, yes it is, but haven't you ever heard of that old saying ‘oldie but goodie’

That's exactly what these bars of soap are, lasting longer than any bottle of body wash you can buy from the shop. Packed with all the good stuff nature has to offer, making these bars 100% natural, Vegan friendly. For far too long us regular guys have had to settle with harsh chemical soaps with a lacklustre musk.

So why are you telling me about these products? Your Onesociety…

Well, thanks to the lovely owner Chris at Bare-Bar he has most kindly agreed to let us stock his incredible bars on our online shop and in store. Starting with 4 scents, Minty Eucalyptus, Roasted Coffee Bean, Bay Rum & Citrus Burst Smoothie.
We are certain you're going to enjoy this unique range of handmade British products, in fact we think you're going to enjoy them so much you’ll probably be dreaming of your next shower.

Go check them out on Instagram @Bare.bar.soap