What exercise is best to reduce stress?

What exercise is best to reduce stress?

Even if you know exercise is good for you, it's easy to tell yourself you'll get to it when you have less on your plate. The trouble is, you never seem to have less to do. Even health problems and a little extra weight gathering around your spare tyre may not be enough to scare you in to getting that gym membership. Want to know the benefits of exercising regularly?

Just about any physician will tell you exercise will improve your life and your health. Here are just a few benefits men can gain through exercise:

  • Lower risk of diabetes
  • Lower cholesterol
  • Reduced depression and anxiety
  • Lower risk of high blood pressure
  • Healthier blood vessels
  • Weight loss
  • Improved testosterone levels as you age
  • Lower risk of colon cancer
  • Stronger bones
  • Reduced risk of erectile dysfunction
  • Longer life

Quality Of Life

Man at the gym doing exercise

Regular exercise will lead to a better quality of life. How? Regular exercise will help you with your mental health - it eases the depression, anxiety, and anger that come up in everyday life. Tension from a long day of work? Exercise can help relieve it. A brief 30-minute session of moderate exercise can also boost your energy levels, help you sleep better, and improve your self-image.

Whether you're 25 or 55, exercise is important. Carving out 30 minutes each day to invest in your future health is well worth it and easier than you think. Most often, the hardest part is starting. Once you take that first step and form a habit, it's smooth sailing.

So do yourself a favour and take the step!

Man at the gym excerise

Nervous about getting started? Don't be. Every single gym has incredibly experienced and trained staff that want to help you and will be more than happy to show you around each machine and talk you through how it works. All you have to do is ask. Heck yeah they look like scary muscle heads with massive biceps so big they're about to pop out there tight fitted T-shirt any second. But, just remember, never judge a book by its cover. These are well motivated men & women that love every inch of the gym and want you to succeed.

Personal trainer at the gym

What's New With Onesociety?

As many of you have noticed we have been taking on some sponsors on within our local community of south east England. These currently consist of 3 absolute gems of the body building / physical strength scene.

RickyPratt our Strongman Competitor.
DanFin our Physiques Competitor.
ChrisWood our Powerlifting Competitor.

Some Words From The Lads.

This is what we asked Rick 

Onesociety - "What makes you want to go to the gym regularly? Surely it can't just be trying to get as big as possible and lifting heavier weights?"

Rick - "It started out as exactly that, I wanted to get bigger and stronger. Since I was a kid I always watched strongman at Christmas and was obsessed with it. I didn't know normal people could do that stuff. Thought it was a very specialist thing that only a lucky few got to do. Years later, I found zeus gym in Hastings and they had all this strongman kit, and that was it.
It's what I wanted to do. As time passed, I found how much more important it was than just getting bigger and stronger. It's pretty much what keeps me sane. I've, like most people, had my share of depression, I've even gotten to the point where I've tried to top myself.
At the worst point, the only time I felt happy and like everything was going to be ok, was at the gym. Then I've had a few people In my life i would never have met if I never went to the gym, they have kept me going at times. Helped me out whenever I've needed it. So if it wasn't for being able to train, and the few I've met through that. There is a chance I wouldn't even be here any more if I never started the gym. So it may sound a bit dramatic, but for me and I reckon more people than we realise, The gym is potentially the difference between giving up on life, and being the thing that keeps you sane and happy, and making you realise that things will be OK, when life gets hard."



We then went to Dan and asked him "Why do you workout? What motivates you?"

Dan - "Training for me is something that is a constant in my life. Something that’s always going to be there, and a lot of us know constants are few and far between. But having this in my life gives me a sense of accomplishment daily. You can have a bad day at work or a fall out with someone, but at the end of the day you can look back and see the good. You’ve got your meals in, cardio in and your training smashed. These all add up. Then after time you’ll see your progression, and with this I truly believe that you become a more disciplined and admirable person. Motivation isn’t the key, it’s dedication to the lifestyle."


Dan Finlayson