Top tips for staying positive in the winter

Top tips for staying positive in the winter

December is just around the corner and that means winter and all that comes with it will be soon to come, including negative effects on your health. Winter is known to bring out numerous health problems, including colds, dry skin and eyes, lack of exercise and seasonal affective disorder.

During the winter, it’s important to take extra care of yourself. Maintaining a healthy daily routine is helpful at combating the winter blues. Here are some things you can do to help.

Get sunlight whenever possible. Stepping outside or letting in sunlight through the window will increase your body’s serotonin levels, which balances your mood. Sunlight will also help brighten up the room, helping keep you more awake. Sunlight is the brightest and most comprehensive when it comes to light sources.

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Don’t cut exercise out of your daily routine. Cold weather forces people inside and can lead to excuses for not exercising. By exercising a few times a week, you’ll help release endorphins, a hormone that gives you a natural high that in turn keeps you in a happier mood and energetic. Exercise is generally thought to be one of the main ways to treat depression disorders as a whole.

Get plenty of rest. Sleeping seven to eight hours a night is needed to keep your mind and body feeling recharged. Your bedtime and wake times are best if they are the same each day and night, keep a nice consistent routine. Sleep is the best way to repair and reset the mind, it is also the best treatment for any form of depression. 

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House work. When you tackle one to-do on your list, it suddenly becomes significantly easier to get the next thing done, too. First and best thing to do each morning is simply making your bed. Just this simple task to get the day started will make you feel like you accomplished something. And that there’s some tiny part of your life that you actually do have some semblance of control over.

making your bed is good for you

Keeping clean & fresh. The benefits of establishing a good personal care routine go well beyond just improving physical appearance. The act of taking care of yourself is comforting and soothing. From showering in the morning to brushing your teeth before bed, it all helps you feel better within yourself, boosting your self esteem, and knowing you haven't neglected your hygiene.

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