Top 5 Gifts For Men

What is the best gift for a man?

There are two types of men out there. Men who grow beards, and men who don't. We have all angles covered when it comes to men's grooming products.
So we have decided to give you a little help to make that gift shopping a little less stressful.


What do men want?

Beard Products of course.

Growing a beard is some serious business. That facial hair becomes a prized possession. He admires it in the mirror, maybe a little too much. He grooms it with a good comb or brush. He may even buy a beard gift for himself from time to time, in the form of beard oils, balms or even a nice little moisturiser.

Let's Get Started

Listed in this short blog are our top 5 best sellers this year, giving you unlocked insight into a man's shopping paths.

£15.95 with Free Delivery

Starting from low to high in price range here we have the most common product for beards, and that's beard oil. We have multiple scents of most of our Beard Products, in-fact we have eight scents for our beard oils. Ranging from subtle, soft and gentle woodsy to more complex scents. 'Luxurious, Powerful, Warm and Intoxicating with a Sensual Bite.' well describes our 'Cinnamon, Black Pepper, Lavender & Rosemary' Scented Beard Oil. What is Beard Oil? 'This naturally derived formula is packed full of vitamins and fatty acids, providing Nutrition to your skin and beard, and aiding in healthier thicker, faster growth. Smell incredible, Look glorious, oose confidence.'

Beard Oil

£16.95 with Free Delivery

Beard Nourishing Butter. Beard Butter and Beard Oil are both incredible products used for caring for your beard, they both include natural ingredients high in vitamins and fatty acids for your hair and skin. Butters also provide a light hold so that you can tame and style your beard. It’s therefore the ideal product for styling and will keep your beard extremely healthy. One society Beard Butter also has anti-inflammatory and healing properties. Using our butter on your face, especially your beard, can condition, tone, soothe and nourish your beard & skin.

Beard Butter

£16.95 with Free Delivery

Vegan-friendly Beard Nutrition Shampoo, how is this different to normal shampoo though?  Using 'Normal' types of shampoos on the beard can lead to not only your beard being left dry, coarse and unmanageable but will inevitably lead to weakened roots and a higher chance of developing unnecessary split ends. Get the grime out of your beard without drying it out. Our Nutrition Shampoo is a 2-in-1 active shower product, giving your hair and skin a well-needed clean while replenishing and nourishing deep within the roots & skin with vitamins and natural acids. Say NO to beard dandruff. Say YES to a healthy, gracious, gloriously smelling Beard.

Beard Shampoo

£35.95 with Free Delivery

Beard Care Kit, that's right, a whole kit just for chin hair, bum fluff, or lion's mane. This incredibly luxurious, hard-working & proven effective Beard Kit Includes. Beard Butter/Beard Oil/Beard Balm. Growing an awesome Beard but it's getting uncontrollable? Look no further. Our Beard Balm only needs a little to do the job, keeping those whiskers in check, Moisturising the skin underneath all while smelling incredibly lovely. All day long. Beard Oil & Beard Butter. help to prevent itching by providing essential nutrients and oils to the pores. this rich blend of oils & butter deeply conditions the skin & hair helping soothe irritation and reduce inflammation, aiding in healthier thicker, faster growth.

Beard Kit

Customer Feedback

Louise Rothwell

'I have tried beard products from different company’s, but one society’s beard products seem to be the best I get my beard oil, balm , and beard butter from them .and I don’t think you will regret buying from them 👍'

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There you have it

If that's not going to make your man smile then, honestly, other than the James Bond Aston Martin, we don't know what would crack that big beautiful smile.

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Guaranteed To Find Your Go-To Smell

We offer a 30 Days returns policy, not enjoying your scent? Simply send it back to us and get in contact saying what scent you would like to replace your Beard Kit with. It's as easy as that. Because we know how everyone's nose is different, we also know that these products are used daily, so it's pretty important to get on with the smell you choose!

'Show me what you got'


Fresh, Lemony, Grassy, Earthy and Sweet. Natural Anti-Pesticide.


Zingy and Sharp, at the same time Refreshing, Sweet, Fruity, Rich, that Exudes Warmth in a Uniquely Alluring way.


A Rich and Warming Aroma with a Blast of Zest.

Refreshing PINE

Clean, Healthy, Elevating and Refreshing.


A Sweet, Uplifting, Fruity and Unbelievably Juicy Aroma.


A Complex, Sweet and Aromatic Chord that brings on Succulence and Molasses-Tinged Nuances to Gourmands and Woody Fragrance.


Luxurious, Powerful, Warm and Intoxicating with a Sensual Bite.


This Juicy Aroma has an Exotic Twist, Sweet Berry, Floral, Fruity, and Jammy Tropical. Happy Vibes with this one.

How to use

Beard Oil

You have probably been told about Beard Oil, read it somewhere or seen it in your local supermarket, and perhaps thought 'Why on earth would somebody put oil on their Beard? Surely it feels horrible and is one big greasy mess all day long!' Well, quite the opposite in fact.



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