Q & A Part 1 - Luke Akerman

Onesociety blog question and answer part 1 luke akerman

Part 1 of our question and answer series starts with Luke. we asked him a few questions, the responses give us a little insight to see if Onesociety as a brand is continuing to do a good job. See why we are held in such high regard. Let's see what Luke has to say in his short interview.

Corie - 'Good morning Luke, Let's jump straight in. How does the scent make you feel? Does it bring back any memories of good times?'

Luke - 'Bay rum is the one that makes you feel on top of the world first thing in the morning. Reminds me of being a pirate sailing the seven seas.'

Corie - 'How have you felt a difference in your beard since using the oil?'

Luke - 'Yeah, my beard has never been softer and smells divine.'

Corie - 'Is it now part of your daily or weekly routine?'

Luke - 'It's always a part of the daily routine it never gets missed.'

Corie - 'Has anyone else mentioned how great your beard smells?'

Luke - 'I always get comments on how good it looks and how nice it smells people love it.'

Corie - 'If you could pick any other scent out of the below which would you like to try next?'

Luke - 'I have tried them all and bay rum is the one in my opinion.'

Corie - 'Do you use other products with beard oil? which do you think goes best?'

Luke - 'No other products other than beard shampoo and conditioner and that's it.'

As mentioned by Luke in today's interview here is the wonderful scent profile for his favourite 'Bay Rum' - A complex, sweet and aromatic chord that brings on succulence and molasses-tinged nuances to gourmands and woody fragrances. 

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