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Master Barber

Kyle Rowland

'Impeccable scissor skills, Unmatched attention to detail'


One of a kind

Selected for his passion in the barber world, years of top-level experience, and styling master Kyle is quick to show off his skills by grooving up the welsh population with next-level inventive haircuts. A true mastermind. A true pioneer.

Why Kyle?

Such a progressive barber needs the best products to make a difference, with his partnership with Onesociety, Kyle will be showing the world what he can do with his progressive and dynamic haircuts, breathing life into the barbering world, and showing how our products should be used to achieve greatness.

Future Plans

Kyle 'So the Future for myself is, I hope to inspire young barbers from all around the world and to educate like-minded people, expressing the passion I have for barbering, in turn, allowing them to find their passion in this amazing industry as well.'


The Right way

“Love your family, work super hard, live your passion.”

Based in Cardigan, Wales, Tap button to find my shop on the map.

Why Barbering?

I love this industry for many reasons but one of the reasons is because of the amount of creativity that goes into every haircut, and that every haircut is a piece of art that can never be recreated the exact same again!

Why Onesociety?

The reason why I wanted to join OneSociety is the amount of effort that the company has put into making its products and that it’s not just about the product it’s about the connection between the brand and the people who use the products, and that’s what makes OneSociety stand out from any other!

How Are You Making A Difference?

Being a barber, in my opinion, is making a difference to the world every client new and old that sits in my chair has a story to tell! And whether they are having the best day ever or not, I always want to make their day that little better whether it’s from a great haircut or just someone to talk to you about their problems.



When clients can’t make up their mind about what kind of haircut they want, you must analyze their appearance and their preferences and offer your own unique and creative options to keep them on their toes.

Brand Ambassador


Social Butterfly, Barber legend in the making, All round nice guy. Paving the way for others.

Men's Grooming Products


Here at Onesociety, we like to live by our name. We want to be a company that welcomes people of all walks of life, it doesn't matter who you are! Our personal goal is to create a happy and safe space free from negative vibes. That is the case for not only for the great employees at Onesociety but also how we create our fantastic products. We want you to feel good and look good, establishing a good personal care routine can be of huge benefit to you and your outlook on life.