Is Tea Tree Shampoo good for hair?

tea tree shampoo


Ditch the itch & feel a tingle, it's time to get clean, Onesociety style!
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The Tea tree oil in our SHAMPOO CONDITIONER can help with various ailments, such as dandruff and hair loss.

With all the severe chemicals found in hair products today, you could be stripping your hair follicle of much-needed nutrients. If you use a lot of products or dye your hair often, you can put your hair at risk of breaking off or falling out.

Using tea tree oil in our shampoo and conditioner will prevent build-up of chemicals and dead skin on your scalp. This keeps your hair healthy and moisturized, which can help it grow at its normal rate and prevent it from falling out.
The Tea Tree Oil isn't just another scent! The anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties of Tea Tree Oil help your hair & scalp in all kinds of wonderful ways.

tea tree shampoo


Tea tree shampoo is used to treat scalp conditions such as dandruff and to stimulate new hair growth by clearing out old dead skin cells from hair follicles. It has been said that due to the tingly feeling and fresh, minty smell, tea tree shampoo makes a person feel invigorated and energized. For a good shampoo that cleans hair thoroughly and leaves it shiny, these shampoos are often recommended by salons.


Tea tree shampoo uses vary. If you have scalp conditions such as dandruff or head lice, it may benefit you. If you are trying to stimulate hair growth and want to feel refreshed after shampooing, tea tree shampoo might be just the right product for you. Some people recommend using it for pets as well. Pets that need skunk smell removed or have excess skin dander may benefit from some form of tea tree shampoo treatment, though it should be diluted first.