How to find a good barber

Find a good Barber

When you move to a new location or your current barber hangs up their clippers, you need to find a new barber or look for your first barber. That is not a simple thing to do.

Finding a good barber can be more difficult than initially thought, especially if you are specific about the hair on your head.

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Ask your current barber

When it comes to moving location, it can be best to ask your old barber to see if they would suggest anybody or know a great barber in your new area. Barbers tend to network really well via social media, they may also go to events where they meet like-minded individuals.

Your barber may have connections with a barbershop or barber in your new area, especially if you are moving somewhere relatively nearby.

If you struggle with words and are not very good at explaining to a new barber how you like your hair, you can always link them via socials so they can discuss how you like your hair, and pass on the knowledge.


Personally, I enjoy going through google and searching for 'local barbers'. This way you can search through each one in your area, allowing you to click on their images, see if its your vibe, and look through their reviews.

Positive reviews are a great way of seeing if they provide the service you are looking for at a high level. A barbershop is a great place to make connections and potentially new friends, but try and concentrate on the work they do to see if it's up to scratch. After all, you may get on really well with them, but if you don't the way they cut your noodle, you're going to leave unhappy every time.

Negative reviews will not always be a true reflection of a shop's or barber's greatness, there are all types of people in the world, and a lot of them are just plain horrible.

Social Media

Once you have sauced a barber, you see if they have Instagram, in most cases they do. If a barber has Instagram where he shows off his artwork, then that can be a good insight for you to see that they are passionate and love what they do.

Nervous about going into the shop for the first time? Worry not, that's the amazing thing about social media. You can simply slide into their messages and ask them what you are looking for and if they have any appointments available.

Barbers are always quick to respond with their messages and are extremely professional with their customer service.

Know what makes

a good barber

Some people don’t exactly know what makes one barber better than another.

Remember that a good barber puts the quality of their work and customer service above everything else.

These are some of the qualities you want to look for in a great barber.

onesociety one society simon butcher hair ground lives how to find a good barber


A great barber is all about their business, meaning they care about making their barbershop a place of business.

A professional barbershop has set hours you can rely on.

Barbers who go above and beyond may even take appointments outside of business hours for people who don’t follow a traditional schedule.

A professional will also have proper facilities and equipment.

The best barbers work in an actual shop instead of working out of their homes

Skill And Experience

A great barber has the attention to detail and the skill to do the job well.

Some barbers seem born with a pair of trimming scissors in their hands, but most people learn after extensive training and experience.

Some barbers focus on particular specialities while others prefer to provide a broad list of services that make them appropriate for a number of different types of customers.


To become a US barber, the barber must go through roughly 1,500 hours of training at a barber school, but this varies by state. This does not apply to UK Barbers.

Most barbers train at a beauty school or a special school designed for barbers.

A good barber will have their certificate hanging in their shop.

Don’t be afraid to ask to see it, as they will probably feel proud of their training.

Good Customer Service

Good customer service can make or break an experience.

It starts when you make the appointment.

You expect to make an appointment quickly, and you expect the barbershop to be ready when you arrive for your appointment.

This means organized operations and good front desk staff.

If you reach out via social media or email, you should still expect a quick response (within 24 hours).

Good customer service also means creating an inviting and fun atmosphere.

This involves everything from the decorations to the type of clientele the shop caters to.

On the rare occasion that you do run into a problem with your service, good customer service has proper processes in place to handle these grievances and make things right before you go to another barbershop.

onesociety one society simon butcher hair ground lives how to find a good barber onesociety one society simon butcher hair ground lives how to find a good barber


What you want


Finding a good barber is a major relief, especially for men who really care about their hair.

Start by looking for the right barbershop by reading reviews and keeping your eyes open to see who seems to get the most business.

Next, you need to find the right barber for you by finding one who specializes in the services you need. After that, all you need to do is learn some styling tips for men’s hair before your next hot date.

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