Fitness coaching? What, Why & How?

fitness coaching personal trainer

Find The Perfect Match

There are many different titles when it comes to professionals in the health and fitness universe. It can be exhausting to keep track of who does what, being able to find the coach you need can be a workout of its own. It is important to know what a coach can offer so that you get the most benefit.

The journey of getting fit and becoming healthier is so personal,
It's never a “one size fits all” model. You have to get the right person for you.

fitness coaching personal trainer

Fitness Coaches

Personal trainers can provide great input, giving you that extra push in your workout session with them. With that in mind, a fitness coach covers much more. Personal trainers and fitness coaches are not the same. Not only do fitness coaches provide the same services in the gym, helping with your workout, they also help you reach your fitness goals by encompassing the hours outside the gym and outside their sessions. Everything from what you eat, drink, how many steps you do, and how much sleep you get. Fitness coaches build a personal relationship with you, work to reach goals surrounding all aspects of mental, physical, and social health, and provide support in order to reach those goals.

The difference between a fitness coach vs. personal trainer is apparent in the job title.  A personal trainer provides training. Fitness coaches provide coaching.  A fitness coach can help keep you accountable, aiding you to keep on moving forward to reach your health goals.

A fitness coach, most importantly, understands the difference between what a client wants and what that client needs. They identify the underlying issues that prevents a client from achieving there goals, and knows how to solve those problems. With either in-person or virtual sessions.

fitness coaching personal trainer