Does beard wash really work?

Does beard wash really work?

A much loved and well respected company like OneSociety has been on my radar for a while but its only until recently I managed to take a drive down towards Hastings, pop into the shop and get myself some of the infamous OneSociety beard products. One a few small batch brands who have an establishment to create products and chill with the customers. A truly unique experience which if you haven't already then get yourself down to Saint Andrews Shopping Mews, Hastings, TN34 1SJ.

Enough about the shop let's dive into what you all want to hear about and that's the OneSociety beard shampoo in the Bay Rum scent profile. I have done quite a few soaps in the past yet the beard shampoo / conditioners scene seem to be firmly in the grasp of "those who shall not be named" however how will this mighty product compare to everything else around it?

Does It stack up well?

The simple answer is yes as it does everything I want it to do, plus more and then even more after that. Comparing it to the surrounding market for beard shampoos and it's got a place firmly within the market and in my humble opinion may even steal a few customers. But what makes it unique and good enough in today's market?

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The Branding

If you haven't seen the typical OneSociety branding then what rock have you been hiding under? Clean, cartoon style branding with each product getting its own character and scent colour. Totally unique designs which avoids any clash with Vikings, skulls or anything else which is popular amongst beard growers. Unique branding sets OneSociety apart from most others but with their cartoon style is very easy on the eye and appealing to the masses.

What Do You Get For Your Money?

A slick black, 250ml bottle of shampoo will cost you £13.99 however with the almost none stop offers you can get then you will probably be throwing something else in your basket as well. Currently they have a free beard oil with every purchase deal which is running so for £13.99 + shipping you're picking up the shampoo and a free oil.... that's a very good price to be fair. Add to the mix that the fake Vikings charge 120ml for a bottle will cost £11 + shipping (minus a sheep discount code), then it's clear to see where you're going to get more for your money.

Remembering this is shampoo and not a natural soap there are a mixture of a few unnatural products which you should be aware of. This in itself will deter the all natural lovers but if you don't mind a bit of fragrance oil, or a few chemicals thrown in then jump onto a beard shampoo. Apart from the manufactured ingredients which are part of the product there's actually a few easily recognisable ingredients like Apricot Kernel Oil, Jojoba Oil, Argon Oil and Vitamin E. Yes you read that right, there's literally a great selection of carrier oils which you will rub into your face whilst washing out the old rubbish. This is something that I have never seen before and for me is what sets it apart from other shampoos which I have tried. Instead of completely stripping your beard of oils, it's actually helping to nourish whilst cleaning.

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Product Performance

The OneSociety beard wash performs like an absolute beast and feels fantastic. There's no dryness which you can get when using some soaps, but it does make your beard feel clean. I never used it daily like it said on the bottle however 3 or 4 times a week which is above my normal usage and my beard was feeling great. The product lathers up like any great shampoo which means you only need a small amount to cover your beard no matter the length. Although the product performs great it's far from over as the aroma is much like a Mike Tyson haymaker. A bullish sweet rum profile backed with Bay Laurel, earthy Cedarwood, and a lime peel zest brings a whole new dimension to the product. A long last aroma which stays within your beard even when your out the shower. Whilst the strong aroma is a fantastic thing I did find that at time it was a little overpowering especially if you have had a very late day and ain't managing to shower until gone 10pm. It's times like this where I don't really want a powerful sweet rum aroma just before bed but perhaps the Lime and Cedarwood option may be better.


Gold Star, Blue Peter Badge and everything else which you can slap on this fine product. Simply amazing and highly recommended if you like a beard shampoo over a beard soap. My only bug bare was that the scent was almost too much but mostly to blame is my unpredictable home life where shower time is whenever it's.

Anything Else To Come?

Please, please, please release a beard conditioner to go with the shampoo. So do your OneSociety thing and take a product but put your amazing twist on things. Nothing more, nothing less but finish up this bundle with a beard hair softening conditioner.