Beard Care, Uncovered

Caring for your Beard is a MUST.

Let’s talk about beards, you find them everywhere. Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and if Myspace and Bebo were still cool they would be on there too. Social media platforms will only show you the best and these are the ones that everyone wants. Perfect shape, perfect lines, perfect colors, don’t be fooled as some of these are photoshopped.

Tips and tricks

I want to talk about beard care. Some will think ‘All I have to do is grow it!’. WRONG!. You can tell the difference between someone that does nothing and someone that has a beard care routine.


I get lots of compliments on mine ‘It looks so straight!’, ‘It’s so soft!’, ‘You’re lucky to be able to grow one like that, mines really course and wiry’. My answer is always the same, “I use products and blow dry my beard!” People think I’m mad or pulling their leg and I get met with very blank looks.


First off I get mine shaped by a barber once a month, luckily I am a barber so I hop into my mate's chair when we are quiet! Every bearded brother has made the fatal mistake of trimming it themselves at least once, slips and mistakes can and will happen! I mean you wouldn’t cut your own hair so why your beard?


Next is a styling routine, beard hair is in the same category as the hair on your head so it can be manipulated and shaped. The basic science of the hair is when it's wet you can mould it into shape and drying it will hold it. Do you ever go to bed with wet hair and wake up looking like you’ve had an electric shock? This is why! It sits all scrunched up on your pillow and then dry’s into that same mad shape!

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So the simplest way to dry it is to brush it down with a roller brush and direct the heat onto the area to dry and set it in place. It will take practice but will get easier with time and results will get better! Whilst it’s wet I rub in a generous amount of oil and then dry it into place using the method described above.

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Finishing Up

Once I am happy with the shape I then massage some beard balm into it. This holds the beard in shape and I then use a comb, this will be your preference on what you like. A comb with narrow teeth will give you tension to shape and a wide-tooth comb is better for detangling. Now you’re ready to go!

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'I was suffering from redness on my chin whenever I tried to grow out my beard. Ever since using one society's beard oil, the redness has gone, and I'm happy to say I'm the proud owner of a healthy 4 inch beard'

Richard Kibler

'I really struggled with Beard Itch until I started using your Oil in the morning, Butter before bed and your Wash. It's a thing of the past now. Another important factor on the lifestyle front though is to keep hydrated. Even with all the above dehydration plays a massive part in beard itch.'

John Holmes

'I've had my beard for 2 years now, the first year I had no clue about products. My friend suggested a fix for my itchiness. He gave me his Beard Oil, I have been using it every morning after my shower, and the difference is incredible, I honestly didn't think you could grow a beard and not have an itch!'

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