About Us

Hi my name is corie the CEO of Onesociety here at Onesociety LTD we make and sell Mens Hair & Skin Care products,  founded in hastings east sussex. Growing a beard was always a struggle for me, after a month it was always a little to much of a frustrating itchy unmanageable mess, full of ingrown hairs, dry skin and flyaway hairs. After a good year of research, testing and self trials of how to be able to allow my beard to get to its full potential without the horrible side effects that come with it, the first beard oil 'Huntsman' was born. Made with 100% natural simple ingredients and an impecable fragrance. But that was only half the battle, there needed to be a label that had to suit the scent and name of 'huntsman'. Months went by of sketching and graphic design with our artist Jess, unhappy then happy , changing minds then unchanging minds, tweaking the smallest of details, it just had to be perfect. The time that went in to the label alone and in fact for every label of each product we create is above and beyond to put together the most memorable, eye catching and one of a kind oil , balm or wax that we are happy with and more importantly you are happy with.

Your support means the world to us and without you we could not be. 

Thank You!