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Onesociety Story

Did you know that beard products can help your beard grow quicker, look thicker, feel softer, smell better & stop that dreaded itch?! One day every man on this planet will know this jaw dropping secret, but for now it's your time to experience it. Try some of our men's grooming products now. Get 15% off your first order with code BEARD15 at checkout.

Want to come and visit us? I mean heck, who knew a town in England could have tropical-like views, strangely nice weather, a very above average beach, and your very own favourite to be beard company, Onesociety? If you want to know more, come to Onesociety HQ, Hastings, England 

Product Range Present & Upcoming

We are always working on making new products and variants of each product. As of 09/06/2020 there are 6 beard oils, 6 beard balms, 6 moustache waxes and 3 miracle oils.

If all goes to plan we will be releasing our 'Deluxe' line of beard products on the 1st of July 2020, starting with the 'Smokey Joe' range, the labels have a metallic colouring for that extra wow factor, with a smell of leather, tobacco & west indian bay! I know this will be welcomed by a lot you, as the label design was created with ideas from some of our affiliates.

Around the same time as the deluxe line is out we should be starting on the full range of 7 beard butters! 

If you need help with what variant is which scent, here is a list of the name and the smells they contain. Huntsman is sandalwood & rose, Bachelor is rhubarb & vanilla, Outlaws is sweet rum & lime, Lumberjack is pine, Northern monkeys is orange, Bubblegum is... well im pretty sure you can guess! Smokey joe is leather, tobacco & west indian bay.