Should you wash your beard daily?

Beard shampoo for men help with dandruff

Are you the kind of guy that showers often, maybe every day or every other day? That's great, keep up your personal hygiene, but here are some tips on how to get rid of that dreaded 'dry beard' or 'beardruff' Dandruff from your chin that falls into your beard throughout the day and is IMPOSSIBLE to get out.

Much like the hair on our head, it's not as healthy to wash it every single day. We would suggest that you wash your beard 1-2 times a week with a beard shampoo. The reason for washing 1-2 times a week is washing the beard too often can strip it of its natural oils and cause the beard to dry out.

When it comes to finally getting around to giving your big (or small) beautiful beard a good scrub a dub (cleaning) then it is not just a simple case of grabbing the nearest bottle of head and shoulders.

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Here's a little review to help you more understand why to use Beard Nutrition Shampoo.

Dan Docks Wrote 'The OneSociety beard wash performs like an absolute beast and feels fantastic. There's no dryness which you can get when using some soaps, but it does make your beard feel clean. I never used it daily as it said on the bottle however 3 or 4 times a week which is above my normal usage and my beard was feeling great. The product lathers up like any great shampoo which means you only need a small amount to cover your beard no matter the length. Although the product performs great it's far from over as the aroma is much like a Mike Tyson haymaker. A bullish sweet rum profile backed with Bay Laurel, earthy Cedarwood, and a lime peel zest brings a whole new dimension to the product. A long last aroma which stays within your beard even when you are out of the shower. The strong aroma of the beard shampoo is also a positive, in and out of the shower.'

So there you have it, all the ins and outs of why to use Beard Shampoo, how to aid in getting rid of 'dry beard' or 'beardruff' while getting a healthier, softer, better-smelling beard.

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