Our Story

We believe that the products you use every day should do more than just wash or moisturise your skin & hair, it’s about looking and feeling your best both inside and out.
Our products are uniquely formulated with carefully selected ingredients to help provide the best that clean and natural has to offer, without compromising on performance & quality.


To do your best, you have to feel your best.

The benefits of establishing a good personal care routine go well beyond just improving physical appearance. The act of taking care of your skin is comforting and soothing by nature, no matter your motive.

It begins with the small things, be it the beard oil you use first thing in the morning, or the soothing beard butter you apply last thing before bed to wind down.

We carefully select our fragrances taking inspiration from our natural surroundings, with benefits that are good for both your skin and your state of mind.

One society onesociety hemp cream skin care men's grooming products premium healthy tattoo after care vegan natural tea tree & lemongrass. Intensively hydrates, brings instant relief to very dry patches.


All of our tubs can be easily recycled without removing any lids or labels. Both the cap and main body are formed in a single material (PP), meaning that the finished product is 100% recyclable.

All our bottles are made from recyclable amber glass, so be sure to put them in the brown glass bin at the bottle banks for further reuse of the glass.

Onesociety recycled beard


What’s your end goal with a signature scent? What is your personality like, or what alter ego are you procuring with this potion? How will it impress itself upon your colleagues, versus your significant other, versus your best friends? They’re all going to associate that scent with you, so you need to find something that really suits whatever you're putting out there.


The videos we make and use are crafted to the highest quality by ourselves. We do hire in some professionals to do the voice overs, and of course some models with truly outstanding beards. Without the combination of trial and error, hard work, and a lot of kind and helpful people, there would be no video ads at all.


Formulated to provide lasting benefits to your hair, skin, body & mind.

Inspired by Nature

For One Society to provide the best products we use nothing but the best natural ingredients.  Providing long lasting effects on your skin, hair, body & mind.

Suitable for Vegans

Our Products are made with vegan, cruelty free and natural ingredients that are ethically and sustainably sourced. Our collection of carefully hand-picked, natural essentials, moisturise and nourish. 


One Society offers products supplied in bottles and tubs that can be recycled and reused.  Our aim is to offer the best products for men in the most natural eco-friendly way.

Rated Excellent


Love the smell of this product and then the obvious benefits to my skin. But one thing I've noticed especially in Scotland is how it repels insects!

Darren Nicholson



Great smelling products and keep the beard in tip-top condition. It's now softer, thicker and smells better than ever. A quick delivery.

Roy Lenton

United Kingdom


Doesn’t need a big amount to make foam, has a nice smell to it and leaves my beard clean, soft, hydrated and smelling incredible. Top marks!

Bruno Palma

United Kingdom


A great conditioner swapped from another popular brand wouldn't go back. My hair and scalp have improved in feel and look, Very happy!

John Gilbert

United Kingdom


Really good stuff, you only need a small amount as it covers a good area of your skin. I use it on my head after I shave my bald head🤣

Dean James

United Kingdom