Why Use Miracle Oil?

Hair oils have become a haircare routine must have over the last couple of years. Adding gloss & softness to your locks, hair oils work wonders on all hair types and can be used as an extra layer of hydration or as a finishing touch to add mirror-like shine.

Ideal for those who struggle with frizzy, unmanageable hair, hair oils tame wispy hairs, controlling flyaways for the ultimate sleek finish. Whether you have fine, straight locks or naturally curly or textured hair, hair oils are an essential as they ensure your hair looks perfect with a beautiful shine all day long.

I personally like to apply my miracle oil over my scalp before a shower, so every 3 days while waiting to wash my hair, I'll set 1 hour of time aside for the oils to work there way through my scalp, while adding some to the ends and body of my hair. This works amazing for me, as I have very thick hair it's pretty hard to manage even on a good day, so with this routine it really softens and makes my hair feel so much healthier & conditions my scalp so I don't have to worry about dry flakey skin!



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