How do you spend a day in Hastings?

How do you spend a day in Hastings?

As many of you know now we have our first little shop up and running in St. Andrews Shopping Mews, Hastings. Its been a tough job getting it all ready for all you lovely people to be able to walk in, have a touchy feely with our vast, truly aromatic product range.

First of all it started with getting the unit. Once that was done, painting commenced, enlightened to the idea of having the ceiling a dark colour, we leant towards the idea of black. But fortunately for us, as we were outside the shop pondering on the different shades of black to use, a lovely lady called De happened to walk past and overheard our conversation. Good thing she did. Turns out her profession is interior design. In her own words she told us 'Black would make your great little shop look like a dark, dank night club, and that's NOT what you want.' If these aren't wise words, I don't know what are.

So now we have our new friend De on board, she suggested going with the colour 'Inky Prose'. We were hesitant at first but after a few minutes of listening to how passionate she was about this 'Inky Prose' paint we gave it a shot.

Turns out it was the complete right choice for the brand, bringing the ceiling down, allowing the eyes of the customers to really be able to pay attention to what's in the shop, The mixing station, the product shelfs that are truly pure eye candy, the comfiest leather sofa you will ever grace your buttocks with. And of course the friendly, warm & welcoming staff, who have all the answers your looking for when it comes to what to or what not to put on your skin & hair.

It took us 3 months to complete, blood sweat and tears... well tears of joy that is.

Now the first Onesociety shop is out there, we offer an affiliate programme or 'Sponsor' to the brand. Offering them discounts, rewards and freebies for bringing there friends or interested persons along to the shop. Stamp cards are given to our friendly locals so we can keep tabs on how many newbies they bring to the shop, once that new person purchases anything, the affiliate will get a stamp, that stamp can consist of £5 off there next purchase, a completely free product of there choice & much more.

If your local to Hastings, pop in, get your skin or beard some goodies, have a chat over a warm coffee, grab your affiliate card and exit the doors a happier man, or women.